Here at the Pole O Rama shop we believe in not only providing you with the highest standard poles for home use, but also in providing you with the very best in pole accessories and branded clothing.

This is the ideal place to buy your poles, Please contact us at if you wish to purchase a pole, as we are currently working with a company to bring you a cery competatively priced pole!

For those wishing to buy pole accessories we have them all here, from cloths to pole-sprays and much more.

The most epic sportswear to be seen in around town is clearly our very own range of Pole O Rama clothing, we have vests, t-shirts, hotpants as well as hoodies all arriving very soon, and we differ from other pole schools offering clothing, as we let you decide on the colour of your logo so that everyone is as much of an individual on the streets as they are on the pole!

The new price list is FINALLY!

The Clothing is arranged by levels...just to give them a name...this has nothing to do with what level you are currently can buy ANY item of clothing at ANY time!

The Colour Schemes are as Follows:

Freshman clothing is coloured writing on a black garment

Sophomore clothing is black writing on a coloured garment
Junior clothing is coloured writing on a coloured garment
Senior clothing is self coloured writing on a coloured garment
Under Grad is flocked writing on a coloured or black garment
Graduate is glitter or holographic writing on a coloured or black garment
Icon is different every season and is available to view here soon!

Limited Edition (ICON) clothing is available from Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, July-Sep & Oct-Dec and each design is only available during that 3 month period!


Zip Hoodie

Logo Colours can be chosen from the following:

Matte Finish: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White, Black, Turquoise and Pink.
Metallic Finish: Turquoise, Pink and Purple
Glitter Finish: Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, and Green
Limited Edition Finish of the season... Leopard Print!