There are 10 levels to our training: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Under Graduate, Graduate, Super Graduate, Ultra Graduate, Epic Graduate and Icon

All of our training is progressive and you must begin as a Freshman and work your way up through the level to proceed onto the next.

Please Note that every student must attend either a pole class or an aerial class to attend a half hour fitness class.
Also Students must attend beginners burlesque before moving to intermediate then advanced regardless of dance background.

Here is a breakdown of each class and what it entails so you can decide which plan is suited best to your needs

Pole Dance: The core class of Pole O Rama, this is the class where you learn all the moves and how to spin, invert and hold yourself to become the pole dancer you know you want to be!

Aerial Hoop: Learning how to invert, pose, move and perform on an aerial hoop.

Aerial Silks:Similar to aerial hoop, however taught on aerial silks, this class is not for the weak!

Pole Silks: A relatively new discipline, combining the flow of pole with the complexity of silks to create unique positions and routines.

Burlesque: Learn the exotic art of sensual strip tease, using props and working on 'sets' this class builds up the dancers confidence and belief in themselves...and all while learning to be hot!

Pricing Structure

Taster Sessions will now cost £5 which is refundable against your first full block of classes!



One Class Per Week £35 per block
Two Classes Per Week £50 per block
Unlimited Classes £60* per block

Daytime Classes ONLY £40 per block

Junior Classes

One Class Per Week £20 per block
Two Classes Per Week £35 per block

Once Class per week £25 per block
Two Classes Per Week £40 per block

Please Note that the Unlimited Block price entitles you to attend Pole Dance, Pole Fit & Burlesque... including Daytime classes.

* Unlimited class does not include belly dancing due to it being an external instructor.

Additional payment structure is as follows...

One to one tuition £25 per hour, £40 per hour for two students or £55 for three students. (one pole per student)

Junior classes are open to anyone over the age of 5 until they are 12.

And just so you know... Pole O Rama holds full public liability cover and each class is instructed by an instructor who holds a valid First Aid certificate.

For A Full Timetable please click on 'The Studio' tab on the left of the screen

All Blocks start on the date listed below, please refer to the full timetable to check for the classes you would like to attend

Start Dates for 2018

Week Commencing Monday 6th August

Week Commencing Monday 10rd September

Week Commencing Monday 15th October

Week Commencing Monday 19th November

If you wish to start mid block please contact us for availability and costing

If you are looking for a taster session please just contact us to see when would be suitable for you to attend

For Workshops please see our NEWS tab!