New Students
All new students must complete the Freshman level regardless of dance and/or fitness experience. Our instructors will assess you during your class or pre arranged taster session to see if you may be moved up a level. We do not see previous pole school training as read that you are trained to the high standard which we see suitable for our students to be taught to. We feel that your safety comes first, therefore we like to know you have received the training you deserve.

Pole O Rama do not make reservations for tatsers or classes, the only way to ensure you have a place is to pay in advance and wait for our confirmation email. In the case of parties or hen nights, etc, we require a £100 deposit to reserve your date with full payment being required no less than 7 days prior to your event taking place. if you do wish to cancel your event, it must be done at least 4 weeks in advance otherwise the deposit is non refundable.

Payment is non refundable so please ensure you can attend all dates before booking your classes.

Booking is only confirmed once we have recieved payment and you have recieved your confirmation email.

Please ensure that you arrive in plenty of time for class as latecomers will not be permitted. This is due to the facts that if you are late you will not have done a thorough warm up,which would put you in danger of hurting yourself, you will case a disruption to the class being taught and also we cannot guarentee that we will be able to admit you to the premises once class has commenced.

Public viewing
We do not allow any public viewing at any of our classes, if however you wish to be seen by a friend or partner there will occasionally be opportunity to do so on an occasional 'perfomance night', this is not however to be confused with the regular 'show night' at the end of each block. 'performance nights' will only be held when we have enough students wishing to put on a small show and have nothing to do with the running of classes whatsoever.

Participants take part in classes at their own risk. At the start of every block we do get each and every student to fill out a health check screening form as well as a dance disclaimer. We also give a full health and safety talk at the beginning of each block to ensure each student knows they are in good hands.

All students must be over 16 to participate in any of our classes.

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