Dance/Fitness Instructors

Position: Burlesque Instructor & Pole Guru
Style: Slutty and Fun
Likes: Performing in front of a crowd!
Dislikes: Short poles...cos he is so tall!
Quote: 'Get yerself on that pole and get it done'
Position: Senior Pole Instructor
Style: Fluid and Strong
Likes: A Challenge
Dislikes: Anything she cannot do...which isn't much!
Quote: 'I'm hungry!'
Position: Junior Pole Instructor
Style: Stretchy
Likes: Getting on with it
Dislikes: Non Pointed Toes
Quote: 'Get they toes pointed... and nae Palm Oil!'
Position: Junior Burlesque Instructor
Style: Cupcake
Likes: All things Frank Sinatra
Dislikes: Trousers!
Quote: 'I can't work under these conditions!'
Position: Dance Workshop Instructor
Style: Virtually Everything
Likes: Expressing herself through dance!
Dislikes: Emotionless performances
Quote: 'There is no such thing as I can't do that..... We can all try!'